It may take a few Weeks, but the primary objective is to make The Castlegar G.A.A. Website; responsive to the the various devices, which select to connect to it.

Why - Because somewhere around 50 percent of People in Ireland, use Mobile Devices ( stats. depend on sources).

What does Responsive Design, mean? Basically, that the content and navigation can alter in layout to display on an iPhone, or iPad for example.

A few short Years ago, there was some emphasis on designing Web Templates wider - to suit the popularity of Wide Screen Desktop Monitors.  Todays trend, however long it will last, seems to be about accommodating the more Mobile Devices.

Later again, another emphasis was on Dynamically checking the particular Browser which requested a page, and offering a Template, to suit that particular device only. So, one would have to "respond" by having a variety of Templates sizes, etc..

Now, one Template serves all - well, most.


What difference does a Responsive Web Design, make to your average G.A.A. Club, Content Administrator?

  • Very Little difference. Images don't have have the same width and height tags (because, such images are no longer of a fixed "size" - these values now adjusting to suit the device which make the document request. Try resizing this page, and the image above, should adjust.
  • The Adminstratrion interface (also a Template), can be selected as the default interface for the Admins.. All this means for a G.A.A. Contributor, is that they can administer a Website, from whatever Device that they have - they could always do, but now they don't have to "scroll", as much.


  • Because of a single Template, there is less to consider with regard to Page Titles, Duplicates and Metatag control - simpler, for S.E.O..
  • Search Engines should offer a higher level of fondness too, as one would expect a reduced "Bounce-back rate". - a signal that a Visitor may be satisfied with a Websites Content and its placing in a Search Engines' Index. Make the S.E.'s, feel Good ;)