Mickey Burke was from Coolough to the South of Castlegar Parish, in County Galway.

  • He was on the Castlegar Hurling Club Senior Championship Winning Team of 1944 and 1950.
  • He was also the Captain of the Galway Hurling Team.
  • Still remembered as one of Galway's and Castlegar's finest Hurlers.
  • Still mentioned in conflicting debates with regard to the Great Christy Ring. Mickey was Captain of the Galway versus Cork Final in 1953, alongside Josie Gallagher, Jimmy Duggan, Joe Salmon, Billy Duffy, Padraic Nolan, Micko Mc Inerney, Jim Brophy, Mick Sylver, John Killeen, Ned Quinn, Paddy Duggan, Hugh Gordan, Johnny Molloy, Billy O Neill, Sean Duggan (Goalkeeper), and Colm Corless.
  • "Burke did very little hurling, but he brilliantly performed his main function of holding Ring." . Ref. http://www.tribune.ie/archive/article/2003/sep/07/heroes-of-different-eras/ .

Mickey in 1944 Mickey Burke in 1950