Mick King is considered to be one of the Greatest Galway and Castlegar Hurlers.

  • Mick, was from College Road, Galway.and played with the Castlegar Hurling Club. Mellows wasn't born, untill 1933, though other Clubs existed.
  •   In 1925, he played on the Galway Team, beating Tipperary in the semi Final. Mick King
  • Mick was included on the Galway Hurling Team of the Millennium in 2000.
  • 1905-1961
  • One of the characters examined in the Book entitled; Castlegar Hurlers: Joe Connolly, John Connolly, Mick King. This was published by Books LLC; a twenty two page paperback.
  • He finished his County Career in 1935.
  • Mick King was included in the Lyrics of "The Bold Christy Ring".

The Rackards of Wexford and Galway's Mick King
John Keane from the Decies, Mick Mackey of Limerick
They all must give way to the bold Christy Ring

  • He may also have played with the Thomas Ashe Hurling Club in 1923 - See a P.D.F. from the Galway Advertiser which also has a photograph (new window). Also showing Mick to have a Brother; Tom.
  • A consistently reliable source ( he, too, relying on words of another generation), suggests that Mick's House was the most easterly on Colllege Road. The Gable - End, provided practice and return of a ball?

This must be the same Mick King below?