Castlegar are Intermediate County Champions following a thrilling victory over Portumna in Duggan Park Ballinasloe yesterday afternoon. These teams contested the League final earlier in the year and Castlegar lost that one by a single point due to an injury time Portumna goal so motivation was huge going into yesterdays decider. Portumna came out of the blocks quicker registering two points in quick succession, but Cashel came to life after that and dominated the play from there to half time. Indeed the rest of the half was played almost totally in the Portumna end with their third point coming from almost their only foray into the Castlegar half. Portumna conceded several frees due to the pressure they were under and points from those and some excellent scores from play left the half time score at Castlegar 0:07, Portumna 0:03. But for a handful of wides the game could have been beyond Portumna's reach.

But they were still there and supporters from all sides expected a big fightback from them at the start on the second half. However it was Castlegar who were first to score and took up where they left off. Over the next ten minutes or so the game seemed to be reaching the point where another Cashel score would see them run out comfortable winners. Indeed more than one Castlegar supporter could be heard remarking, 'if we don't concede a goal in the next few minutes we will be grand'. Famous last words as right on cue a Portumna goal arrived. They are not League champions and county finalists for nothing and they fought tooth and nail to get back into it. They could hardly be blamed for being very physical in their desperation to get back on terms, but for some reason Cashel couldn't buy a free in the second period and scores from placed balls dried up. The goal revitalised Portumna, but Cashel fought back strongly and it was edge of the seat stuff from there to the finish. The teams fitness has to be complemented, on a heavy pitch a less fit team would have wilted at this point, but they kept it going and every ball was fiercely contested. With Cashel leading by two points in injury time the late goal which cost them the league final was on all our minds. But the whistle eventually went.

Aislinn Connolly deserved her player of the game award, but Catriona Lee wasn't far behind her. Indeed the spine of the team from goalkeeper, to full back, to centre back and on through to full forward were all excellent.

The final score was Castlegar 0:13 Portumna 2:05, a brave fight back from Portumna, but the best team won and all conserned deserve great credit, not just for yesterday's performance, but for the whole season of hard work they put in to get them to this point.

We will add some photos here as soon as possible.