Currently, we have two Handball Alleys / Courts, which are contained in the Castlegar Sports Complex, at Doughiska in Galway.

  • One is outside / external, unroofed at the moment, and is dimensionally the largest around until one goes to Mountbellew in the East of the County.
  • Another, is inside and under the roof of the Complex itself - beside the Squash Courts.
  • The outside Handball Alley, was chronicled in an initiative by D.E.R.I.
  • Handball as a Sport is reviving, and is another arm of the G.A.A..
  • Photos, to follow.

Some History

  • Other old Alleys in the Parish of Castlegar - Castlegar Village Castle, and another across the Road from Mc Hughs Pub in Killeen. The latter is no more, and was originally an R.I.C. Barracks which drew People from that vicinity and Ballybrit (ref. P. Giles).
  • "The first record of handball in Galway can be traced back to the 1527 when the Town Statues forbade the playing of ball games against the walls of the town." . Ref. (new window).