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John Connolly was born in Tir an Fhia, Connemara, in 1947. His Family moved to Castlegar shortly thereafter.

  • August 2016 - John is inducted into the G.A.A. Hall of Fame. This Ceremony was at the G.A.A. Museum Auditorium within Croke Park (http://galwaybayfm.ie/gaa-museum-honours-hurling-football-legends-2016-hall-fame-awards/).
  • Manager of the Senior Hurling Club - 2009
  • Builder, by Trade.
  • Eldest, of the Connolly Brothers, and Father to Aisling - the Camogie Player.
  • Other sports - Boxing, in the Old School, Castlegar, where that Club was ran by Chick Gillen for a time. In 1965, John was a Connacht Junior Champion, boxing as a  Welterweight. Squash, in the Castlegar Sports Complex and other theatres. Comfortable too, with a Golfing stick.
  • One of the Hurlers featured in a Book entitled "Castlegar Hurlers: Joe Connolly, John Connolly, Mick King", with Joe being his younger Brother.
  • John is quoted in John Scally's humorous Book on Football. Scally, goes on to describe him as a Renaissance Man.
  • Minor and Under 21 Hurler with Galway.
  • First Senior game - Galway versus County Clare in 1968.
  •  Connacht Railway Cup Hurling Champion - 1980. Joe Connolly was also on this team.
  • Galway All Ireland Champions player - '80.
  • All Star Award Winner in 1971 - the only Galway Hurling Winner that year.
  • All Star Award Winner in 1979, among the great Iggy Clarke and Frank Burke.
  • Texaco, Hurler of the Year in 1980.
  • Galways first Hurling All Star.
  • John Connolly is a fluent Irish Speaker, with roots in Connemara before his family moved to Racecourse View in Castlegar, not far from the site of the old and unofficial, Hurling Pitch - such as it was.
  • A natural Leader, with a strategic Hurling brain. Above average height for the time, adding to his athletic frame.
  • John was inducted into the G.A.A. Hall of Fame, in August 2016.
  • September 1, 2018. John Connolly, received a Lifetime Achievement Award during the GPA Former Players Event at Croke Park.

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  • http://www.galwayindependent.com/sport/sport/castlegar-roll-back-the-good-times/
  • "The Men who changed the Face of Galway Hurling" - "A father-figure to the team, he had won an All-Star award in the first year of the scheme in 1971. The High King of Castlegar brought a truly regal presence, first as a midfielder and later as a full-forward. He had all the natural attributes to make an exceptional hurler but despite his successes he always retained a great modesty.

John receiving his award in 2018

^John receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018