Progressive 25 (Twenty Five ) Cards Meetings usually take place weekly at the Castlegar Sports Complex, in Galway.

  • Looking forward, these are scheduled for the following dates;

February 2011

Thusdays on the 17th, and 24th, starting at 9 pm.


Recent History

  • Castlegar has a history of hosting these games and larger affairs called Card Drives.
  •  " Hand to hand" combat, as if a plot of Land was at stake.
  • Neighbours, Friends and arch enemies, converged to test their wits.
  • Curses slipped, refreshing the mind of numbers - so too did compliments.
  • Characters would group, to interupt the mood, but added to it.
  • All would return, defining a Social event.
  • Up to 500 participants, on one ocassion.